1, Carolyn’s experience with Hongmed Clinic was so successful, her family and friends followed.
She had been to physiotherapists and chiropractors for her neck and back but when she finally went to the Hongmed Clinic they got it right. “There’s nothing like the traditional remedies really,” she said.

“My husband Murray was on ACC and was getting a lot of referred pain in his neck and shoulder from not using his hand due to injury – after my success with Hongmed he decided to go himself to get some relief. He has been going twice a week and he is improving daily. We are very happy with the therapies that they use i.e. massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine.
“Nancy and Hongwei are very friendly and accommodating. Once I was stuck in Cambridge with no hope of getting in for my appointment. I rang them and there was no problem. They are nice people with a great sense of humour, and always greet you with a smile.  As much as we can learn from their eastern therapies they learn more of our culture.”


2, Margaret W. says the people at Hongmed Clinic are friendly and professional. 

“Nancy takes a genuine interest in me, and we like to have a chat – she always remembers what we talked about the last time,” Margaret said.
Margaret went to the clinic after she sprained her shoulder while pulling out weeds.  A friend recommended the clinic and she had already seen its attractive enlarged premises on the corner of Hukanui Rd and Tongariro St.  “They are very friendly and within a few times my shoulder became a lot looser and not as painful. “People think it must hurt putting a needle in the body, but acupuncture is not painful at all,” she said.


3, Jennifer Philpott loves the clinic and says Nancy is amazing. Jennifer was three months pregnant and had severe morning sickness and migraine, within two weeks treatment with acupuncture and massage the morning sickness disappeared and the migraine has improved.  For the first two weeks she went twice a week and now two months on, she goes once in two weeks because the treatment is helping her migraine.

“I love the clinic. Nancy is amazing,” she said.


4, Michael, a lecturer at the University of Waikato injured his back, spraining it while on a treadmill. He had earlier been to another physio with a neck injury, but decided to go to the Hongmed clinic because his wife had successful treatment at Hongmed for a back injury in 2008.

“Nancy and Hongwei are really friendly, they welcome you and give good customer service,” he said.
“My back twisted and I had severe localised pain. I couldn’t walk for two to three days afterwards and for some days I had to have help to get up.  At Hongmed Nancy gave me acupuncture, electrical stimulation and massage. I was injured just before Christmas and started treatment at the clinic early in the New Year and by early March it was much better. I thoroughly recommend them.”


5, Michael Graham’s job, as a commercial property manager sees him climbing up and down stairs and steps and walking over roofs, so it was imperative that he recover quickly from his ankle injury and gained confidence in it again.  He had ruptured a tendon playing soccer but after three weeks conventional treatment was not producing results.

“I decided to think outside the square and rang Hongmed. They were fantastic, polite and they genuinely care about your well being. Within the same amount of time – three weeks – there was a vast improvement in the swelling and I was able to use the ankle again.”
It is a lifetime injury, but other muscles compensate and Michael is now able to climb on roofs again and even play soccer. He has full movement back and there is no discomfort, but he wears an ankle brace to prevent the ankle rolling when playing soccer.
He is delighted. “When thinking of Chinese traditional medicine you think of needles and this can frighten people, but it does not hurt at all and any fears are well outweighed by the results.” he said.


6, Peter Blockley, manager, who is “middle aged”, keeps fit by going to the gym and running. “I have strained a few muscles over the years and so I have gone a number of different clinics. Over the past two years I have gone to the Hongmed clinic and they have helped me get through my injuries, they have also helped with a long-term ankle injury I had for many years. Their acupuncture and massage have worked really well for me. I have recovered from lower back pain and a severe ankle problem.

“During the years I have been to a number of different clinics, and Hongmed is one of the best I have been to. The therapists are friendly they make you feel welcome and explain what’s going on. They do a professional job.”


7, One big fan of Nancy’s work is William Townsend. In 2008 William’s torch went off while he was on a ladder. He misjudged things in the dark and slipped off the bottom rungs resulting in a rotor cuff injury to his right shoulder.  “I could not raise my right arm, and it was very painful. I decided to go to the Hongmed clinic – and it was a great success,“ he said.

“I was very happy with the work Nancy did. She used acupuncture, heat, tuina (Chinese traditional massage) and tiny electrical shocks to unlock the muscles and it came right very quickly.”

So it was no surprise that William wasted no time in going straight to Nancy after falling in a toma hole when trout fishing late last year. “I twisted my spine and my shoulders were painful and down the right side of my back. I started with two treatments a week late last year, had a break over Christmas and now I’m down to only one treatment every two weeks. She’s marvellous, she is so good at it, “William said.


8, I survived in Rotorua marathon, Joff Hulbert

I was being affected by arthritis in my hip and was struggling with my hamstring and newly found aches and pains. Louisa Lu, a new member and acupuncturist asked me what was wrong with me. Then I embarked on a series treatments with her. The improvement was almost instantaneous. Race day saw us get perfect conditions. In the end I finished with a 5.27; probably 20 minutes faster than I had planned. I survived.I was a very happy chappie.So thanks for all the encouragement, it was appreciated. 


9,Kathleen, When I first came to Yongxing Sam Zhang at Hongmed I was in a great deal of physical pain.  I had sciatic pain (right hip, knee and leg) which kept me up at night, an aching in my left and right ankle’s (due to injury), severe swelling in my left ankle and a sore neck (from an injury).
After being treated for 10 times by Sam
a) My sciatic pain has minimized. b) The pain in my ankles has reduced
c) The swelling is not so severe in my left ankle. d) My neck pain greatly decreased
e) My right knee is not so agonising
Overall my general wellbeing has improved.  I have always found Sam to be professional, approachable. As Sam’s patient I have always felt I am his top priority when I am in his care.  I am sincerely grateful to Sam and his skills as an Acupuncture Practitioner which is why I will keep being treated by him at Hongmed.

10,My name is Aut Tautau and 4 months ago I had a fall in my vege garden dislocating my right shoulder joint. The hospital reset my arm shoulder joint however I resulted in loss of function and quite severe nerve damage in my arm plus numbness on the bottom section of the arm out to the 2 fingers of my hand. Physio advised with acupuncture, with great success both these have given me.The physio treatment ceased after 6 weeks but I continued acupuncture to the end of the full course of treatment.

Acupuncture I am positive is the main reason for my full nerve function which has been restored fully thanks to Lu the practioner and technician at the clinic a very professional service.

11,I have recently been receiving acupuncture treatment for an injured Hand at your Clinic 253 Kennedy Road Napier.Your assistant Lu has been amazing! She has treated me with compassion and true professionalism making my visits very pleasurable.Lu has given me back full use of my Hand and now have no Pain.I cannot speak highly enough of Lu,s ability and have recommended her services to all my friends and fellow Tennis Club Members.Thank You!Jenny Evans (50 Menin Road ONEKAWA NAPIER)

Thanks again Hongmed clinic!

“Your feedback of comments and requirement is very important to us. It can help us to keep more efficient and more quality services. Thank you for your coming!”



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