About Us

Hongmed is a Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture centre. We provide quality treatment using acupuncture, Moxa, cupping, Tuina and Chinese herbs for patients who have pain, numbness, stiffness, weakness in muscles and general weariness.

Hongmed was established in 2004. Since then our success in treating people in Hamilton has seen us expand our professional staff numbers, premises and car-parking facilities.

Our team is well organised and works cooperatively, led by director Hongwei Zhang. Each team member works hard and dedicates their own talent and ability to the team to the benefit of our patients.

Director and Head acupuncturist, Hongwei Zhang, has a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Master’s degree in business administration. He has over 35 years of practical experience with traditional Chinese treatments and specialises in endocrine system diseases.

Director and Head acupuncturist, Min Nancy Huang, has a Master’s degree in acupuncture, and has more than 35 years of practical experience. She specialises in neurology and mental health disorders.

Acupuncturist, Xiuxin Louisa Lu, has a Bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and specialises in treating pain and numbness for diabetes patients. She has more than 25 years of work experience.

Acupuncturist, Wenhui Victoria Li, has a Master’s degree in acupuncture. She specialises in acupuncture and massage treatments. She has 10 years of practical work experience.


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